December 2018- 7 members of the club created a table (tablecloths, dishes, glass, favors, centerpiece, utensils) as did other clubs. Thanks to Janice's' hard work we had tree folded napkins along with our other items that she, Noreen and Rochelle brought. She even washed all the dishes and glass! Brenda created favors that she and Bobbie funded, Annette created the centerpiece. At the end of the pot luck meal provided by the RIFGC board , a silent auction was held for all the table centerpieces and ours raised $50 for the Hasbro children's garden project elected by RIFGC.  Linda did one of the independent wreaths, hanging on a wall that were also auction and those items raised between  $40 and $80 each. Lastly, Super hostess, Janice baked a wonderful warm loaf of Tuscan bread for us!!!

                                       photos by Brenda and Bobbie

Meetings and Events



January 9, 2019

Meeting at the Portsmouth Free Public Library 



Terrarium demonstration by

Julia Walker, of

The Greenery Warren, R.I.



February 8, 2019


Valentine Workshop with residents of Atria Aquidneck Place 


Time TBA


February 13, 2019 

Meeting at the Portsmouth Free Public Library


Reminiscences of the Portsmouth Garden Club's

85 Years  1934-2019


Slide Show and Memories- Rochelle Kieron and Carolyn Evans Carberry


Chocolate Basket Raffle




March 13, 2019


Meeting at Atria Aquidneck Place



Joan Nasiff,

Occupational Therapist Healthy Gardening


Jean Gadsby: Winter Horticulture


April 10, 2019 


Meeting At Atria Aquidneck Place



Anne Wagner, Ports.

Historical Society


"Native Plants, Native Uses" How the Wampanoag and Narragansett Indians Used Some Native Plants


May 8, 2019


Our upcoming flower show

Tips -Linda Kirkpatrick


May 2019

Portsmouth Garden Club 


“On Broadway”


 A Standard Placement Flower Show




– 4 pm