September 2019

Some of  Our Ladies visited the Blue Garden in Newport. It was created By Mrs.  Mrs, Arthur Curtiss James in the early 1900s  and was recently restored by the enthusiastic horticulturist and philanthropist Mrs. Dorrance “Dodo” Hamilton. The Garden Director Sarah Vance takes small groups on tours of the gardens


The Blue Garden is a private garden and open to visitors who are affiliated with a group or institution involved in garden design, horticulture, historic preservation, or landscape architecture. For an appointment to visit the garden—open on Thursdays at 11:00am and 2:00pm, from June to September—please send information about your affiliation. 

                                                Photos by Janice



Meetings and Events


(Open to members and Potential members who have contacted the Membership chairman -see committee listings)


March , 2020

Let's Talk about Bees


Speaker- Ed Siderski, Portsmouth Beekeeper


1;00 Meeting

2:00 Speaker


Portsmouth Free Public Library


July 8, 2020

Meeting at Blithwold, Bristol R.I. 


Social distancing


12:00 meeting and self guided tour


The Club will pay the entrance fee and there is no fee for the tour.  The lunch fee is $20 which will need to be paid by each club member.


Send check to Treasurer



Aug. 2020




Sept 9, 2020 



October 14



Marc Domina, from Portsmouth Domina's Agway, will speak with us on how to prepare your garden beds for the upcoming months



November 19

Members Mary Di Bara and Linda 

Kirkpatrick conduct 2 Zoom holiday arrangement classes.