Sanne-Kure-Jensen Recycling coordinator Town of Portsmouth

"Ecological Landscape Design -Gardening for Wildlife"

     Pictures by Janice



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Ecological Landscaping


Eco-friendly Garden Designs



  Design landscapes to welcome wildlife and pollinators. Use native and ornamental plants with low input needs to encourage birds, pollinators and wildlife, while reducing maintenance, costs and potential toxins.




This workshop will reference


Sarah Stein’s inspirational book,


Noah's Garden: Restoring the Ecology of Our Own Backyards and the


National Wildlife Federation (NWF) Certified Backyard program.





Books used in talk



April  meeting- Anna Jane Kocon, owner of the Little State Flower Company- describes her business and location on 5 acres in  Portsmouth.             photos by Deb Mack

March meeting- Following a buffet by the hostess committee,  member Linda Kirkpatrick give tips and showed designs to explain the finer points of the schedule for our annual flower show coming in May at Atria.                                                                Photos by Deb Mack

February meeting-

Robyn Spagnolo- Botanical Jewelry


Look at your garden in a different way and see plant material in a way that allows you to consider drying and changing it to create beautiful pieces for a stunning flower show entry. The hostess committee had an amazing array of food items to taste over two tables!

                                      Photos by Roberta and Deb

                                       Raffle basket by Mary DiBara





January 2017 Meeting-Hospital volunteer Barbara Powell Keeley explains Power of flowers as projects with many types of hospital patients. Making cards and arrangements for them to enjoy and feel as a accomplishment. Hostess committee with delicious food offerings nearly gone!

                                                Photos by Deb Mack

November 9, 2016- Dreamscapes Design owner, Teresa Mello,  describes water feature placement  and examples. She also explained the  fish life and plants that enhance the gardens she designs.

                                                        Photos by Deb Mack


         Hostess Committee table arrangement with Dish Garden display

October 11, 2016- Martin Van Hof on bringing in houseplants and their care                                                                          Photos by Deb Mack

September 14, 2016- Member new year get together at the library

                                                     Photo by Deb Mack

Meetings and Events



January 9, 2019

Meeting at the Portsmouth Free Public Library 



Terrarium demonstration by

Julia Walker, of

The Greenery Warren, R.I.



February 8, 2019


Valentine Workshop with residents of Atria Aquidneck Place 


Time TBA


February 13, 2019 

Meeting at the Portsmouth Free Public Library


Reminiscences of the Portsmouth Garden Club's

85 Years  1934-2019


Slide Show and Memories- Rochelle Kieron and Carolyn Evans Carberry


Chocolate Basket Raffle




March 13, 2019


Meeting at Atria Aquidneck Place



Joan Nasiff,

Occupational Therapist Healthy Gardening


Jean Gadsby: Winter Horticulture


April 10, 2019 


Meeting At Atria Aquidneck Place



Anne Wagner, Ports.

Historical Society


"Native Plants, Native Uses" How the Wampanoag and Narragansett Indians Used Some Native Plants


May 8, 2019


Our upcoming flower show

Tips -Linda Kirkpatrick


May 2019

Portsmouth Garden Club 


“On Broadway”


 A Standard Placement Flower Show




– 4 pm