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National Garden Clubs of America:


Sandra H. Robinson 44nd President 

Contact Information:

National Garden Clubs, Inc.
4401 Magnolia Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63110



Theme: Making a World of Difference- Choices Matter

New England Region:

Vera Bowen, NER Director

Contact Information:

11 Dolly Drive

Bristol, R.I. 02809


Theme: Call of the Wild

Rhode Island Federation of Garden Clubs:


Cathy Moore, President
Contact Information:


11 Popon Road

Watch Hill, RI 02891


Theme: Sowing the Seeds of Imagination


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   Radio Program

Madeline Hits the Airwaves for the PGC Yard Sale
Madeline Beaucage's interview on WADK to promote the Portsmouth Garden Club's 5th Annual Yard Sale (2013) and our other club activities.
Madeline hits the Air Waves on WADK.wma
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Flower Arrangers

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                 National Association of Flower Arrangement Society


                  Flower Show Magazine



      World Federation of Flower Arrangers

       The World Association of Flower Arrangers (WAFA) is a not-for-

        profit, non-partisan organization of international floral art societies.

Local sites of Interest


Animal  and Insect Sites


           American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals



            Animal Poison Control

             Plants that are poisonous to animals




         American Botanical Council      



Youth Programs





  • Tree Identification Guide (Recommended by Caitlin's after school outdoor program from the Prentice School District in Wisconsin.  Students are age 10-12.)

Food Guide

Former Flower Show Videos

           National Garden Clubs

         Flower Show Tours

                    Philadelphia 2011- Enjoy as you are taken for a tour of the

                      2011  Philadelphia Flower Show "Springtime in Paris"!


           Chelsea- Travel to England to be part of the 2011 Chelsea Flower



UPCOMING MEMBER Monthly Meeting Date (September - June)  2017-8                 

Speaker / Topic / Location



December 5, 2017
Boxwood Topiary workshop at Island Garden Shop

6:00 p.m.

Contact member Rochelle for cost


December 13, 2017 Annual Christmas Luncheon-

Johnny's at the Atlantic Resort, Newport

12:00 Cocktails

12:20 Luncheon



January 10, 2018

Member Linda Kirkpatrick,  club coordinator, Our Federation Flower Show in May


January 22-26, 2017

Project purple - Drug Prevention Awareness


Decorate Legion Park with purple bows


February 9, 2018

Valentine Flower arranging with Atria residents

Coordinator Lynne DaRos

10:00 a.m.


February 14, 2018

Valentine flower arrangement, co-sponsored with the Portsmouth Free Public Library, with grades 3 and up

4:30-5:30 Limited enrollment at 10

Coordinator Roberta Stevens and Miss Nicole


February 14, 2017

Portsmouth garden club member panel

Coordinator and topic to be determined

Atria Aquidneck Place 2:00


March 14, 2017

Member Janet Nolan,

Ph.D, History


"The Family Tree: Same Roots, Different Flowers"


Atria Aquidneck Place



April, 11, 2018

Neil Sanders

Garden plotted Mystery writer

Open to the public at 6:00

Portsmouth Free Public Library

5:30 meeting

6:00 speaker