June 13, 2024   Article by Linda K.


Members of the Portsmouth Garden Club represented the club and Portsmouth well at “The Trip  to Bountiful,” a National Garden Club Horticulture Specialty Flower Show in East Providence on June 13, 2024.  The members representing the club were Linda Kirkpatrick, Linda Howard and Karen Saucier.

Among the ribbons won were four first place blues, five second place reds including three 90+s (given when a blue would have been awarded had not one entry been slightly better) and a few thirds and Honorable Mentions.

Karen Saucier received a 90+ ribbon for an excellent Educational Exhibit depicting the life cycle of butterflies.  Using photographs, descriptive signage, illustrative materials and handouts, she emphasized the need for butterflies in our eco system.

Linda Kirkpatrick was awarded an Award of Merit Section Award for her Aucuba, an entry in “Generous,” an entry in a class for foliage-cut specimens.  She received the Grower’s Choice Award, the Section Award for an entry in “Myriad,” a class of container-grown foliage plants.  This Begonia entry was also awarded the Horticultural Excellent award, the overall best entry in the show.




Meetings are held monthly at the Library for club members and guests. _________________

September 13, 2023

1:00 Portsmouth Free Public Library

Welcome back members !

Fellowship and meeting


Roberta Stevens; Look around: A sit down walking tour of the club contribution of landscaping to the Portsmouth Free Public Library for 125 years.


October 11, 2023

1:00 Portsmouth Free Public Library

Presenter: Linda Howard  Holly  Mackenzie and Joan Kierwin Demonstration-Plant propagation and splitting perennials


November 7, 2023

1:00 Portsmouth Free Public Library

Presenter: Marie Brennan-Chasin


Chair Yoga tecniques for gardeners


November 17, 2024

7-9 p.m  Portsmouth Free Public Library 

Annual Taste of Portsmouth
$25 for tickets


December 13 2023

Christmas Luncheon
Green Valley Country Club

12:00 Gather

12:30 Eat

$50 to Treasurer


January 10, 2024

1:00 Portsmouth Free Public Library

Presenter: Linda Kirkpatrick


Floral design Demonstration


February 14, 2024

1:00 Portsmouth Free Public Library


Presenter: Deb Mack


Glass garden art demonstration


March 13, 2024


1:00 Presenters: Roberta Stevens, Moderator; Annette Jarvis, Rocelle, Kieron, and Mim Maurer. 


90 th anniversary of the club ; Roundtable of the club's longest serving memebrs recalling

our memeorable service projects.


April 10, 2024

1:00  Portsmouth Free Public Library



Linda Howard and Mary DiBara

Spring table centerpiece with potted plants


April 22,2024

Earth Day


April 25, 2024

Venus de Milo Swansea, MA. 


RIFGC Annual Awards Luncheon


April  26, 2024

Arbor Day


May 8, 2024
1:00 Raggd Island Brewery, Portsmouth

Presenter: Karen Saucier

Raising Monarch Butterflies


June 1 Plant Sale

at the Public Library

Benefits Portsmouth Garden Club and the Portsmouth Free Public Library


June 12, 2024

Club Annual Lluncheon-

This year an Afternoon  Tea



2461 East Main Rd.





June 13, 2024


Hattie Ida Chaffee Home, Riverside R.I.


RIFGC Monthly Meeting and Judges Council Horticulture Show


June 21-24, 2024

After taking “The Grand Tour” to Marble House , The Newport Flower Show will return to Rosecliff with the theme “At Home".


Save the Date



10/23, 10/24

Crown Plaza, Warwick, R.I.