Letters of Appreciation

2017 Town of Portsmouth Thank you for Wreaths

Letter from Portsmouth Historical Society for Wreaths Dec. 2016

2016 Thank you from the Town Dog Park Committee for fundraiser floral arrangement donations

 2016 Portsmouth Free Public Library Annual Taste of Portsmouth event

February 2016 Received from the Hathaway class for the donation of the book, The Enchanted Frog and Environmental Tale,  in memory of Dorothy Leonard to the school library.


January 2016 From the Portsmouth Historical Society



As the new President of the Portsmouth Historical Society, and speaking for its Board of Directors, I would like to express our great appreciation to the Portsmouth Garden Club for the placement of wreaths on the doors of the Portsmouth Historical museum this Christmas season.



Recently we have initiated a new membership drive for the Society, which so far has yielded 210 new members (!) and we are really pleased to see the museum looking decorated for the holiday. We are successfully energizing the Historical Society (and we hope all of you are members) as we move forward in 2016.




Thank you once again; we are most grateful and we will see you at the museum for our lecture series. Also we will be celebrating Founders' Day around March 7th and we will have the original Portsmouth Compact, signed in 1638, on display.




Best wishes,


Jim Garman


President, Portsmouth Historical Society



Meetings are held monthly at the Library for club members and guests. _________________

September 13, 2023

12:30 Portsmouth Free Public Library


Welcome back members !

Fellowship and meeting


Roberta Stevens; Look around: A sit down walking tour of the club contribution of landscaoing to the Portsmouth Free Public Library for 125 years.


October 11, 2023

12:30 Portsmouth Free Public Library


Presenter: Linda Kirkpatrick, Holly  Mackenzie and Susan Ballard


Plant propagation nad splitting perennials


November 7, 2023

12:30 Portsmouth Free Public Library


Presenter: Marie Brennan-Chasin


Chair Yoga tecniques for gardeners


November 17, 2024


7-9 p.m  Portsmouth Free Public Library 


Annual Taste of Portsmouth

$ for tickets


December 2023

Christmas Luncheon


January 10, 2024

12:30 Portsmouth Free Public Library

Presenter: Linda Kirkpatrick


Floral design Demonstration


February 12, 2024

12:30 Portsmouth Free Public Library


Presenter: Deb Mack


Glass garden art demonstration

March 13, 2024


12:30 Presnters: Roberta Stevens, Moderator; Annette Jarvis, Rocelle, Kieron, Mim Maurer and Pam Barry. 


90 th anniversary of the club ; Roundtable of the club's longest serving memebrs recall 

our memeorable service projects.


April 10, 2024

12:30 Portsmouth free Public Library


Presenters:Linda Howard and Mary DiBara

Spring table centerpiece with potted plants


April 22,2024

Earth Day


April  26, 2024

Arbor Day


May 8, 2024
Portsmouth Free Public Library

Presenter: Karen Saucier


Raising Monarch Butterflies


June 2024

Annual luncheon



June 21-24, 2024

After taking “The Grand Tour” to Marble House , The Newport Flower Show will return to Rosecliff with the theme “At Home".