Activities: Civic Beautification

July 2018

Planting hostas under the tree at Legion Park. We receive a donation of a variety of 18 hostas from Brenda's garden and 4 from Bobbie's garden. They were planted on July 3 by Brenda, Rich, Bobbie and Shane. The complimented the flags for the fourth and the annuals and perennials the other club members had planted and watered earlier in the week.   

                                                  Photos by Bobbie





April 30, 2018

What do 1,500 bulbs look like? A sea of blue.



The Portsmouth Garden Club planted 1, 500 Scilla Siberica" Spring Beauty" bulbs last spring and they are blooming at Legion Park in a sea of blue. The area needed a new plan so the circle was enlarged; some beds that were too shady were closed.  Hostas, ferns and other deep shade loving leafy plants were additionally planted. The re-design is not completed yet but the club would like to thank- Senator James Seveney for a Legislative grant, Aquidneck Land Trust and our own club’s Civic beautification fundraising efforts at the Island Garden Shop plant sales.



Work last summer, June 2017

                                                       photos by Sue and Bobbie






January :                              Remove Town Christmas Decorations


January :                              Place Ribbons (Project Purple at Legion Park)


May:                                     Planting Legion Park and the Portsmouth
                                             Free Public Library


May-September:                    Plantings at Legion Park, Public Library

                                            Water/Deadhead Town plantings


December                             Create wreaths for town buildings for

                                            Christmas season          



2017 Planted Moonflower vine at Public Library

The Moon flower is related to morning glory but is white and blooms at night or depending on darkness -early evening or late AM.  It then droops and will fall off.  It booms every nite.  They are about 5 inches in diameter and can grow to 20 plus feet with propping.  Originally the flower grew in sub-tropical environments and can grow in Florida as a perennial.  In colder climes they are annuals.. They adapted to color white as they attract a certain kind of moth.   They do not need much care.  Very suitable for a white garden and in the south people propagate them next to  front door for interest and later in the season when blooming have a wonderful scent when a person walks thru the door. The plant or seeds can be bought and  grown locally.  - Provided by Jan Gump

2017-2018 Major Re-landscape of Legion Park

As of Sept 13, 2017

As of Sept 9, 2017

ON May 27. 2017

May 5-6, 2018

"Me casa, su Casa"

Club Flower show at Atria, Aquidneck Place

Federation and Public Judging

Saturday 12-4

Sunday 10-4

raffle for painting by Wanda Coderre


May 9, 2018

Flower Arranging Workshop with member Annette Jarvis

Atria Aquidneck Place1:00 meeting

2:00 Workshop


May 23, 2018

50th Annual Plant Sale

Island Garden Shop, Portsmouth 

9:00 to 5:00

Percentage of proceeds from sales benefit civic beautification


June 13, 2018

June Luncheon

Place-15 Point Road
12:00 Social Hour


Checks to Marilyn


June 22-28, 2018

Newport Flower Show

"Cottages, smart and Small"

Club entry on display